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Degree Requirements


  • Biology core (36 hours): BIO 101/101L, 102/102L, 211/211L and 212/212L, 205, 206/206L, 207, 216/216L, 326/326L, 489
  • Chemistry (16 hours): CHE 111/111L, 113/113L, 220/220L, 240/240L
  • Mathematics (7 hours): MAT143 (Calculus) and MAT205 (Statistics)
  • Physics (4 hours minimum): PHY 121/121L (122/122L is recommended)
  • ART 251 History of Art I (This meets requirement for Fine Arts and 1 of 2 History course simultaneously)
  • Minimum of 90 hours before beginning the hospital program.
  • Hospital program of professional study 32 to 40 credit hours. Students will register for MLS 489 fulltime in both the fall and spring semesters. The specific courses and grades will transfer back to Thomas More after completion of the program and will replace MLS 489 on the transcript.
  • Students fulfill the computer literacy requirement through course work in the program.
  • 3:1 MLS students are not required to take COM105 & THE425.

No Medical Laboratory Science major may graduate with more than one letter grade lower than a ‘C’ in Medical Laboratory Science core courses.  Any grades below a ‘C’ must be replaced by a higher grade which may be earned only by repeating the course.