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Sample Forensic Chemistry Curriculum

Freshmen Year
Fall Spring
CHE111 - General Chemistry I & Lab CHE113 - General Chemistry II & Lab
MAT151 - Calculus I MAT152 - Calculus II
ENG150 HIS102
HIS101 Social Science
Sophomore Year
Fall Spring
CHE220 - Organic Chemistry I & Lab CHE240 - Organic Chemistry II & Lab
BIO101 - General Biology I & Lab BIO102 - General Biology II & Lab
Social Science PHY141 - General Physics I & Lab
English II FOR201 - Forensic Survey
Philosophy Philosophy
Junior Year
Fall Spring
FOR202 - Legal Issues FOR301 - Forensic Lab Techniques
PHY142 - General Physics II & Lab MAT205 - Statistics
Chemistry Elective (2) Chemistry Elective
Foreign Language Foreign Language
Senior Year
Fall Spring
FOR401 - Forensic Internship I FOR402 - Forensic Internship II
Chemistry Elective Chemistry Elective
Philosophy THE425 - Senior Theology
Theology Fine Art
Fine Art  

Chemistry Electives must equal 19 credit hours
FOR411 and FOR412 may replace FOR401 and FOR402