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Sample Forensic Biology Curriculum

First Year
Fall CR Spring CR
FYS150 - First Year Seminar 3 Social Science 3
BIO101/101L General Biology I 4 BIO102/102L General Biology II 4
CHE111/111L General Chemistry I 4 CHE113/113L General Chemistry II 4
ENG150 Literature & Writing 3 English Literature 3
MAT115 Pre-Calculus** 3 MAT145 Basic Calculus 4
  14 (17)   18
Second Year
Fall CR Spring CR
PHI225 Applied Ethics 3 MAT205 Statistics 3
BIO202/202L Physiology 4 BIO206/206L Genetics 4
CHE220/220L Organic Chemistry I 4 CHE240/240L Organic Chemistry II 4
HIS101 World Civilizations 3 HIS102 World Civilizations 3
Fine Arts 3 FOR201 Forensic Science Survey 3
  17   17
Third Year
Fall CR Spring CR
PHY121/121L Elements of Physics I 4 PHY122/122L Elements of Physics II 4
BIO341/341L Molecular Genetics 4 BIO330/330L Biochemistry or BIO319/319L Cell Biology 4
FOR202 Forensic Evidence and Legal Issues 3 Fine Arts 3
COM105 Fundamentals of Speech 3 FOR301 Forensic Science Biology 3
PHI205 Philosophy of Human Nature 3 Theology - Scripture 3
  17   17
Fourth Year
Fall CR Spring CR
FOR401 Forensic Science Internship* 3 FOR402 Forensic Science Internship* 3
Elective 3 BIO305/305L Microbiology or BIO326/326L Immunology 4
Theology - Systematics 3 Foreign Language 3
THE425 Social Issues 3 Social Science 3
Foreign Language 3  
  15   13

Total Credits 128(131)

* A minimum of 3 credit hours in Research (BIO400)**, Microscopy (FOR412)*** or Physical Methods in Forensic Science (FOR411) may be substituted for one Forensic Internship. If two upper level electives are taken in place of FOR401 and FOR402, then BIO489 is required. Forensic Internship may be taken in the summer after the junior year.

**BIO400: pre-approved research project - molecular biology techniques applied to Forensic Science. Based on availability.

***FOR412 Microscopy: If not currently being offered at Thomas More College; the equivalent consortium course may be taken at Northern Kentucky University: O455 Scanning Electron Microscopy