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Translate Your Education Into A Rewarding Career

The Eiffel TowerWith the Hispanic population growing at such a rapid rate in the USA, employers in law enforcement, social work, education, business, and the health professions, are very often seeking Spanish language skills employees.

With the increasing number of exchanges with Canada and Europe, employers value French language skills in their prospective employees. An Associate of Arts in French is the perfect companion to field like business, art, and education, among others.

The ability to speak a foreign language is extremely valuable both in personal relationship and in service to the community. If you are helping people understand each other, you are working for a better world.

Foreign Languages

So Many Options

One of the many advantages of attending a small school is the flexibility and personal involvement of the professors. The Department of Foreign Languages at Thomas More College is an excellent example of dedication to the individual student. Here, you can study Spanish, French, German, Japanese or Latin. If you choose to complete a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish or an Associate of Arts in Spanish or French, you will work on improving your conversational skills, you will develop your reading, listening and writing skills, and you will start exploring different Cultures and Literatures.

Chart Your Course

The following courses are required to earn an Associate of Arts degree in Spanish.

  • Spanish I & II
  • Spanish Conversation
  • Advanced Spanish
  • Spanish Composition
  • Reading for Cultural Understanding
  • Introduction to Literature

The following courses are required to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish.

All of the above plus four from among the following:

  • Spanish and Latin American Cinema
  • Business Spanish
  • Survey of Hispanic-American Literature
  • Analysis of Selected Iberian Masterpieces
  • Spanish for the Health Care Professionals


  • Issues in Spanish Translation (senior seminar)
  • Community Experience
  • Proficiency testing

The following courses are required to earn a Associate of Arts degree in French.

  • French I & II
  • Advanced Conversation and Composition
  • Survey of French Civilization
  • French Films
  • French business
  • Survey of French & Francophone literature

Stepping Out

Thomas More College offers diverse opportunities for students to study abroad in countries around the world, including Costa Rica, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Spain for the Spanish program; and Paris, Angers, and Caen for the French program. Making these quality educational experiences available is a priority at Thomas More. There are many fund-raising and scholarship opportunities to help students in their quest to see the world and meet new people. Be sure to inquire about the Brown Grants for study abroad.

For more information, contact:

Maria C. Garriga, Ph.D.
Department of Foreign Languages
Thomas More College