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Work Study Job Board

student worker

Department: athletic training
Hours: varies
Contact: Cara Beitman
phone: 344-3635
Requirements: valid driver's license and current car insurance
Description: Position is available to students who can be in the athletic training room/ on the field most days after 12pm (usually until 6:30pm) and work home football games. Students will prepare water, complete field set-up and be on the field for coverage to re-hydrate athletes and do minimal first-aid (we will teach you!). Some heavy lifting is required (coolers). This position is just during the fall sports season.

Office assistant

Department: Communications
Hours: 5-10 hours
Contact: Mary Jo Nead
phone: 640-5540
Requirements: Excellent computer skills, must be able to work with online classes, social media, and be familiar with Apple products
Description: Working with three faculty who teach online courses, student will be responsible for creating online quizzes, posting videos and slide shows, creating, correcting, and checking all online course content.


Department: Facilities
Hours: Weekdays and Weekends
Contact: Doug Parker
phone: 344-3321
Requirements: Must be able to lift heavy items and operate equipment (snow blower, weed eater, etc).
Description: Position requires the ability to clean classrooms, offices and restrooms that includes sweeping, damp mopping, wiping windows, white boards and vacuuming. This candidate must also be able to complete basic grounds maintenance work such as grass cutting, raking leaves weeding gardens, weed eating, snow and trash removal. The operation of basic equipment such as vacuum sweepers, weed eaters, lawn mowers and automatic floor scrubbers may be required (on the job training will be provided).


Department: Music
Hours: flex/according to soloist and teacher schedule
Contact: Rebecca Schaffer Wells
phone: 859.240.3738 vox/txt
Requirements: - excellent knowledge of keyboard or guitar (acoustic or electric) - punctuality - music performance professionalism
Description: Student worker will work with voice, wind, brass, string, percussion students as needed to accompany them on studio recitals, public concerts, and Christian Service programs (off campus). Keyboard players, it is helpful but not required that you have access to an electric keyboard with sound.

Assistant Conductor, Covington Angelus Singers

Department: Music
Hours: flex, 1-2 per week, 45 minute rehearsals
Contact: Rebecca Schaffer Wells
phone: 859.240.3738 vox/txt
Requirements: Preference given to Associate major in music - read music (treble; bass helpful) - piano and/or guitar competancy - willing to work with children grades 2-5 - positive, initiative - transportation (within NKY)
Description: Student worker will assist director in - treble choir training techniques (vocal warmup, teaching new music literature, historic/cultural background of lit) - basic treble choir conducting techniques - choir robe inventory/sizing/care - "crowd control" - designing/printing programs - basic public relations

Music Librarian

Department: Music
Hours: flex 2-3 hours per week
Contact: Rebecca Schaffer Wells
phone: 859.240.3738 vox/txt
Requirements: Takes direction AND comfort with self-direction Spreadsheet software Google Docs preferred (easy to learn)
Description: Student worker will be trained in work in: - sorting of music parts/score order - updating/maintaining established spreadsheet of TMC Music Lit collection - receive and include new acquisitions into music library (in S410) - pull new ensemble literature; have ready for ensemble classes/collect, sort, and re-file used lit

Music Office Assistant

Department: Music Department
Hours: flex, 2-3 hours/week
Contact: Rebecca Schaffer Wells
phone: 859.240.3738 vox/txt
Requirements: reliable/regular schedule/takes initiative as well as direction
Description: This student worker will be trained in and keep up with: - music library - communication with ensemble class members, venue contacts, etc. - basic public relations tasks - regular maintenance of music stands, cleaning department keyboards/pianos, etc. - design, edit concert programs - posters/flyers, TMC approval stamp, and post ("hang") - other as agreed upon

TAP Work Study-Blue Ash

Department: TAP Blue Ash
Hours: 5-10 or more per week
Contact: Nathan Hartman
phone: 859-344-3602
Requirements: Must be able to work at least 5-6:30 two evenings per week.
Description: Position will require data entry, paperwork filing, and textbook distribution and returns, and other clerical duties as assigned by Blue Ash Site Administrator.