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Mr. John P. Roetting II

Phone: 859-344-3647
Office Location: S410

John Roetting II obtained a B.S. in Forensic Chemistry from Thomas More College in 2011. While at Thomas More, John worked with the Hamilton County Coroner Office to develop a library to help identify accelerants used in arson cases. John also began an internship with the Food & Drug Administration working at the Forensic Chemistry Center. After Thomas More, John went to the University of Cincinnati where he received his M.S. in Analytical Chemistry in 2013.

Since graduating from UC, John has been working full time with the Food & Drug Administration where he has earned numerous awards for his work which includes developing a method to detect polyaromatic hydrocarbons in seafood after the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. Most recent, John received an award for developing a method to detect pentobarbital (an euthanizing agent) in horse meat that was being used for exotic cat food.

In addition to teaching at Thomas More, John has also taught training courses at the Food & Drug Administration including a course that uses liquid chromatography mass spectrometry (LC-MS) to detect toxins/poisons in common food commodities.


B.S., Thomas More College, Crestview Hills, KY (2011)
M.S., University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH (2013)

John P. Roetting II first came to Thomas More University in 2016.