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Recommended Undergraduate Time Table


Fall Semester Spring Semester
General Biology I (with labs) General Biology II (with labs)
General Chemistry I (with labs) General Chemistry II (with labs)
English English

Sophomore Year

Fall Semester Spring Semester
Organic Chemistry I (with lab) Organic Chemistry II (with lab)

Junior Year

Fall Semester Spring Semester Summer Semester
Physics I (with labs) Physics II (with labs) June: AACPMAS
Preparation for MCAT Waiver/Evaluation Form* August: MCAT
Preparation for MCAT April: MCAT/GRE  

Senior Year

Fall Semester Spring Semester
Secondary Applications Interview
Pre-stamped, Pre-addressed Envelopes Interview

* Obtain Waiver/Evaluation from the pre-med advisor; this form is needed to write your letters of evaluation. Students will need to inform the pre-med advisor of 5-6 faculty members they wish to have evaluate them; the pre-med advisor will then synthesize all the evaluations and write one letter of recommendation. In the Fall (at the time the secondary applications are submitted), the student is responsible for providing the pre-med advisor with a pre-stamped, pre-addressed envelope for each medical school the student is sending a secondary application to.