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Recommended Undergraduate Time Table


Fall Semester Spring Semester
First Year
ENG 150
General Biology I
(with labs)
General Biology II
(with labs)
General Chemistry I
(with labs)
General Chemistry II
(with labs)
HIS 101
World Civ.
HIS 102
World Civ.

Sophomore Year

Fall Semester Spring Semester
General Physiology Microeconomic
Organic Chemistry I
(with labs)
Organic Chemistry II
(with labs)
Calculus I(MAT 151)
or MAT 115
Calculus I(MAT 152)
or MAT 145
ENG 200 Level
Core Course
MAT 205

Junior Year

Fall Semester Spring Semester
BIO 301
BIO 305
Physics I
(with labs)
Physics II
(with labs)

*Electives may depend on which pharmacy school attending. Note: The three-year program outlined above is now the norm for a pre-pharmacy program. Fewer than 25% of student entering pharmacy school do so with only two years of college preparation. Exceptional students may complete a two-year program if some laboratory sciences are taken in summer sessions. The calculus requirement varies with pharmacy schools and since some require a minimum of five semester hours, the MAT 151-152 sequence is recommended. Most Colleges of Pharmacy require a minimum of 70 semester credit hours for admission.