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The curriculum in Biology, formulated according to both classical and contemporary biological concepts, prepares the student for continuing intellectual growth and professional development in the life sciences. The Marine Biology track is a course of study within the Biology major. All of the requirements for a Biology major are in effect. This track requires two additional courses: BIO355 Marine Biology and BIO400: Marine Biology Practicum. Beyond the formal requirements for the Bachelor's degree, students will be advised to select upper-division electives most closely related to the field of Marine Biology.

Students will be able to conduct hands-on research through a partnership with the Newport Aquarium, which is 10 minutes away from Thomas More College's campus.  A dual-credit course for high school students will also be taught at the aquarium, introducing them to the Marine Biology program. A lecture series open students as well as the public will be launched in 2015, which will bring world renowned speakers to the Newport Aquarium.

The Marine Biology track within the Biology major meets the requirements for most graduate programs in biology and the requirements for related professional programs. Students interested in pursuing a marine biology program should consult the appropriate advisor.

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