TAP/Adult at Thomas More College

Study Groups

Imagine the amount of effort devoted to completing a traditional semester- or quarter-based college class.

Now imagine that same course accelerated to 5 to 7 weeks, and you will quickly grasp why study groups are emphasized in the TAP program. In fact, a key to your success in an accelerated format is the use of project teams.

About 80% of students who begin TAP sequences have either successfully completed the program or are currently enrolled. Our students and our faculty attribute the high retention rate to the group modality.

Through teamwork, students combine and share knowledge, experience, and learning, thus enabling all group members to disseminate and absorb information. In addition to study time, the groups also complete specific assignments together. Project teams are required to meet each week at a time and place to be determined by the group members with faculty input. TAP students should expect to spend 12-20 hours per week in the completion of their academic requirements.