BBA Program at Thomas More College

Concentration Courses

Management Concentration

BUA303 Human Resource Management (3)
Prerequisite: BUA 302, 311, 321. A basic course in organizational manpower planning and development. Included are: testing, interviewing, placement of employees, training, job evaluation, promotions, handling complaints and grievances, wage and salary administration, benefits, policy making and problems of layoffs, transfers and turnover.

BUA307 Leadership (3)
Prerequisite: BUA 302, 311, 321. Students learn what makes a successful leader and the moral/ethical standards they must embrace.

BUA313 Teams in Organizations (3)
Prerequisite: BUA 302, 311, 321. A focus on teams within organizations. Students will learn what makes a team effective, motivation techniques for diverse team members, successful conflict resolution, and time and meeting management. The course will be a seminar with emphasis on case studies.

Marketing Concentration

BUA316 Consumer Behavior (3)
Prerequisite: BUA 302, 311, 321, PSY 105. This course stresses the importance of consumer behavior in the development and implementation of effective marketing strategies. Students will develop a deeper understanding of individual consumer behavior, social and cultural influences on consumer behavior, and the consumer decision process.

BUA416 Marketing Research (3)
Prerequisite: BUA 302, 311, 321; BUA 249 or 245. This course provides students with a basic understanding of marketing research methods and how these methods are used in managerial decision-making. Topics include data collection techniques, measurement and scaling, sampling techniques, and data analysis.

BUA417 Marketing Management (3)
Prerequisite: BUA 302, 311, 321. This course provides an overview of current marketing-management theory and practice. Students will develop strategic-marketing-management skills through case studies and an interactive simulation.

Finance Concentration

BUA325 Investment Analysis (3)
Prerequisite: BUA 302, 311, 321. An examination of the principles and practices of investing in stocks and bonds, with emphasis on the analysis of corporate financial statements to arrive at investment decisions. A background is also provided on banking institutions, investment companies and brokerage operations. Cross-listed as ECO 325.

BUA350 Portfolio Management (3)
Prerequisite: BUA 325. Covers theories that explain the pricing of securities and investment strategy.

BUA450 Financial Planning (3)
Prerequisite: BUA 302, 311, 321. An exploration of the many aspects of financial planning including: retirement planning, debt management, estate planning, insurance planning, and investment planning.