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Associates Degrees

The major programs of study available to students seeking an Associate degree include the following:

Accountancy International Studies
Art Management
Art History Mathematics
Biology Music
Business Administration Philosophy
Chemistry Physics
Communication Political Science
Computer Information Systems Pre-Legal Studies
Criminal Justice Psychology
Economics Sociology
English Spanish
French Theatre
Gerontology Theology
History Web Design

Multidisciplinary majors are also possible for the creative student who wishes to plan his/her own major program as an alternative to the above majors. The multidisciplinary approach to a major program paves the way for majors that are responsive to the contemporary student's quest for relevance and meaning, while not relaxing the standards which the College has set for the more traditional majors. A multidisciplinary major is defined as an academic program focusing on a significant global problem It must receive approval from the Vice President for Academic Affairs and the student must have a sponsoring advisor.   
The flexibility of the Thomas More academic program enables many students to complete the requirements for two majors.

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