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President's Welcome

Kathleen S. Jagger, PhD MPH

Welcome and thank you for visiting Thomas More University's website! I am Kathleen S. Jagger, Acting President of TMU in lovely Crestview Hills, Ky. Thomas More is a Catholic liberal arts University with an extraordinary faculty, dedicated staff, successful, distinguished alumni, and creative administrative leaders, all of whom are committed to maximizing the success of every student.

The Thomas More Value assures you that we foster the growth of each student in multiple dimensions providing a tremendous return on investment not only in the classroom, studio or lab, but also in character, community, and career. The combination of an academic major and a liberal arts core helps students learn to think in more sophisticated, integrative, and subtle ways about complex problems, and develop habits of creativity and grit.

Our Catholic Identity challenges all students to examine the essence of being human and the mysteries of the divine. Such examinations build character evidenced in ethical decision making, honesty, service mindedness, and self-awareness.

Because we expect all students to complete an experiential learning requirement, they establish connections with community businesses and nonprofit agencies, helping students see the value of being civic-minded and sacrificing one's time and talents for the good of the whole even in the work environment. Add to this the co-curricular opportunities we provide—from sports to music to student government to internships—all of which teach teamwork, follow-through and healthy compromise, and you can see that we prepare students not just for a career but any career, even those which do not yet exist.

If you come to Thomas More University, we ask you to imagine all the possibilities for your future and share those dreams with us; then, partner with us to help you make them a reality. Education after high school is a major investment and, if students fully engage--a transformative experience. At Thomas More University that financial and personal investment leads to bright futures for our enterprising graduates and the communities in which they live, worship, serve, work, and play.

We hope you will come visit us for a tour, theater production, or sporting event; you are always welcome on our campus. Thank you for considering Thomas More University as your collegiate home. We hope to welcome you into the Thomas More family of Saints!

God Bless,
Kathleen S. Jagger, PhD MPH
Kathleen S. Jagger, PhD MPH
Acting President