Thomas More College

College Plan

College is a place with lots of opportunities. Starting college is an exciting time in your life that allows you to do a wide range of things. Below is a checklist of things you should do while at college.

Freshman Year

  • Fall Semester
    • Get adjusted to college life. It's a lot different than high school.
    • Study hard and start to look into different opportunities on campus.
    • It's important to get involved on campus but academics should be your main focus.
    • Buy a planner and use it through your college career.
  • Spring Semester
    • Start to get more involved on campus.
    • TMC offers two club fairs so students can get information on finding a club or organization that interests them. Research what is available and consider joining one.
    • Continue to work and study hard.

Sophomore Year

  • Become more active in the club and organization that you joined.
  • Have fun on campus and enjoy the different events.
  • Do well in your classes.
  • Pick up a work study job. It gives you a little money in your wallet and they work around classes.

Junior Year

  • Look into studying abroad during your Christmas break. Thomas More College offers several trips such as Australia, England, and Ireland.
  • Become an officer in your club or organization.
  • Start thinking about your future plans and visit the Career Center to develop a plan for how to begin looking for employment or attending graduate school.
  • Continue to do well in your classes.

Senior Year

  • Become a high ranking officer in your club or organization.
  • Take the M.C.A.T. or G.R.E. (if going to Graduate School)
  • Apply to Graduate School or look for further employment.
  • Enjoy your last year!!