Thomas More College

Spiritual Life

Welcome to Thomas More! Your son's/daughter's understanding of who God is and how God works will hopefully develop over the next few years. Our Office of Campus Ministry makes every effort to provide a variety of prayer opportunities and experiences to assist your daughter/son in developing an adult relationship with God. If you check our Campus Ministry webpages, you will see that we recognize the importance of prayer and the reality of individual differences in prayer.

I and the Campus Ministry Student Leadership Team are here to help. If your son/daughter needs someone to talk to, a place to belong, a community to be a part of, and a place to be accepted as he/she is, encourage them to look us up. I have learned that the most influential group as to your daughter/son's lived faith will be the circle of friends made in these first few months.

Blessings on your transition,
Campus Ministry office

Opportunities for Involvement

Campus Ministry offers retreats, service opportunities, and various other programs and events to involve students in the Thomas More faith community.

Opportunities for Mass and Reconciliation

Please click here to view the mass and liturgy times.