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Thomas More College announces the formation of the Institute for Higher Education Compliance. The purpose of the Institute can best be described in the four themes, or pillars, that are the basis of its foundation: Education, Comprehensive, Culture, and Responsibility. The Institute will be comprehensive in the areas of compliance most relevant to institutions of higher education, which include Title IX, Title IV, ADA, FERPA, Accreditation, NCAA and Athletics compliance, among many others. The Institute will endeavor to advance dialogue among college administrators, legislators, and stakeholders who must navigate the complexities of a developing culture of compliance, policy, and governance, placing a deeper emphasis on supporting the challenges that smaller institutions face aligning their practices to meet the increasing demands. Through an annual conference, the institute will strive to educate both new and seasoned professionals on best practices for leading their colleges and universities in these and other related topics.

Under the direction of Thomas More College President David A. Armstrong, J.D., a national expert in Title IX policy and compliance, the Institute will further establish Thomas More College as a leader in the higher education community. Armstrong is a member of the International Advisory Council for the Center for Excellence in Higher Education Law and Policy at Stetson University's College of Law. He also serves on the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities (NAICU) Committee on Accountability.